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We believe that the best ideas are created somewhere between the freedom of creativity and real solutions. The best in this sense that they are both technically sensible, extraordinary as well as very functional.

This is how we approach our work: we create architecture that is not only attractive from the design perspective but also from the perspective of usefulness. Thanks to this, it pleases all senses of our recipients; on one hand, increasing the efficiency of the time spent on work, on the other hand, bringing many pleasant moments related to the rest in a pleasant relaxation zones in the offices, houses, public and commercial facilities.

Mateusz Kunkiewicz

Architect. A graduate of the faculty of architecture and urban planning of Warsaw University of Technology. He has gained professional experience in the renowned design office Stelmach i Partnerzy. Since 2012, he has been running an authorial design office under the business name Kunkiewicz Architekci.

Co-founder and president of the board of LuCreate Design Development Fundation [Fundacjia Rozwoju Designu LuCreate]. Originator and organiser of the cyclical creative conference – Lubelski Wzór – An event promoting the cooperation of entrepreneurs with creators from the creative sector. Co-founder of Pracownia Otwarta LuCreate – a co-working space and a place of cultural events for designers of the creative sector and art. Between 2014-2018 vice-president of the board of the Lublin Department of the Polish Architects Association.

In the eyes of the team – visionary who is creative and full of energy. It takes just a moment for him to activate an avalanche of ideas and actions.


More than 10 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior design


7 people of a core team constantly working with 20 professionals


from our clients is a measure of our achievements

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Mateusz Kunkiewicz

Artur Tomaszek

Mariia Kupustianska

Architekci Wnętrz

Magdalena Baryła

Angelika Palak

Martyna Dragan

Office manager

Michał Ćwiek / Mocno Studio / branding

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