Regardless of whether we are designing the interior of a house or a flat, the priorities for us are the effect and effectiveness, that’s why we work systematically, controlling the budget but also experimenting reasonably.

  • we create well-composed space (lighting, proportions, scale).
  • we take care of accurately thought functional layouts,
  • we select furniture and additions that don’t overwhelm the interior,
  • we focus on natural, ecological materials,
  • we take care of the coherence of the interior and architecture

Our offer:

Flats and apartments

Your own dreamt about space is above all the interior in which you will spend the majority of your life. The spaces designed for you don’t only look attractive on the sketching board but they will become oases in which each household member will be happy to escape the hustle of the city.

Interior of houses

In order to share the solutions developed by us and tested materials with clients who need a quick, good project, we created the collection of Brick Houses. Any enthusiast of “not quite modern barn” can choose an option suitable for himself: 70, 120, 140 and 200 m2.

Designing and fit-out of offices

A cosy office is always a good investment. Thanks to it, the productivity and employees’ satisfaction grow from the time spent in it but also – which is not of less importance – it is the investment in respect of clients and in the need of healthy competition. When choosing furniture to the office we take care of both design and functionality and also that the entire interior could be flexibly rearranged along with the company’s development.

Restaurants and venues

The entrance to the restaurant, club or a café must be an experience – otherwise, we all would eat and drink in our houses or at our tables. We will make that the character of the venue will be a valuable motivation to visit it, show to friends or just to be in it. We will also take care that the project is a complete concept, starting from the idea to its character, kitchen, and decor, and finishing with its name and visual identification.

Auditorium spaces

What has a positive influence on the focus and quality of learning? When modernising lecture halls and auditoriums we take into account ergonomics and the newest methods of learning.
Thanks to many years of experience we know how to effectively increase their standard and improve the acoustics by using tested, natural materials.

Porozmawiajmy o Twoim projekcie

We are ready to share with you our design vision and lead you into the exciting world of creativity.