In the architecture design, we work jointly with the Client. We do our best to ensure that the solutions have its origins in the client-designer dialogue. Then, one gives much more trust to the solutions suggested and to the costs.

  • simple, close-to-nature architecture,
  • attention to scale and placing the house in the landscape,
  • designer minimalism
  • comprehensive implementation

Our offer:

Individual design of houses

An individual design is like a tailor-made suit. Exactly what you dreamt of. House that stands many years, an oasis of peace, enclave of individuality and interests. The place which we are going to create for you will be exceptional because we make design decisions together. We guarantee that we will accurately explain our suggestions and their influence on the end cost of the project.

Ready designs

In order to share the solutions developed by us and tested materials with clients who need a quick, good project, we’ve created the collection of Brick Houses. Any enthusiast of “not quite modern barn” can choose an option suitable for himself: 70, 120, 140 and 200 m2.

Commercial building and modernisations

We know what the residents and users of our buildings will need in 10 or 20 years. Looking at the future of architecture, we can predict what solution will develop in the future and then include this development in the design or modernisation of the commercial and public utility building, harmoniously connecting the tradition, present and future of the designed facility.


Own garden guarantees not only a pleasant view behind the window but also a limitless possibility of relaxation in the fresh air. We will make for you a well-thought and coherent design of a garden, which will be year by year increasing the esthetical values of the house and its surrounding.

Porozmawiajmy o Twoim projekcie

We are ready to share with you our design vision and lead you into the exciting world of creativity.